Music Industry Podcast hosted by Bret Phillips

Interviewing professionals in the Music Industry to learn what it takes to become and stay successful in an ever changing environment.


Product Endorsements and the business of Orange Amplifiers – Alex Auxier

This weeks episode of Always Triumph features Alex Auxier who is Global Artist Relations for Orange Amplifiers. He supports over 800 Orange sponsored Artists world wide making sure they have what they need to play their best. I first met Alex when we were both judges for a final round of Battle of the Bands…

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How he raised $13,000 on Kickstarter and lives as a full time musician – Wesley Cook

This week we talk to songwriter, performer, and producer Wesley Cook. Wesley is living the dream right now as a full time musician. It’s hard work, but he’s managed to break out of the 9-5 and survive as a musician. Interview highlights: He identifies 3 layers of marketing How do you get a stranger to…

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How to be a Band that a Manager wants to work for – Dustin Boyer

This weeks interview is FULL of amazing advice from Dustin Boyer. Dustin works as an Artist Manager for Hubbub! and has seen almost all sides of the industry from being a musician, booking shows, and now growing successful artists. If you only watch one Always Triumph interview ever, this is the one to see. Interview…

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What She Learned from Running a Record Label for 10 years – Kim Ware

This weeks guest is Atlanta musician and record label owner Kim Ware. Kim founded and ran Eskimo Kiss Records for 10 years, then decided to take a break from music. Her time off allowed her to refocus her efforts both musically, and with a new idea for her next record label. She has a new…

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How Blockhead Continues To Make Money And Music Over A Decade – With Tony Simon

This week we interviewed Tony Simon, aka Blockhead. He’s a hip hop producer that’s been in the music industry for over a decade. Blockhead was up and coming in the tail end of the ‘physical’ album era and has seen the growth of the digital world. I met blockhead while recording the infamous Marq Spekt…

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Why A Ton Of Money Being Poured Into Your Band Means Nothing – Hank and Cupcakes

This weeks interview is with Hank and Cupcakes. Sagit Shir and Ariel Scherbacovsky are an electro-pop duo that started in Tel Aviv, and are now living and touring here in the USA. These two have worked with a major label with their first album, then decided to do everything themselves because of that. Interview Highlights…

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Managing Blood Drunk Records, His Own Band, and a Venue – Brandon Pittman

This interview is with Brandon Pittman, bass player for Swank Sinatra and founder of Blood Drunk Records. Brandon has been playing with Swank for a decade where he has booked many tours around the East Coast and Midwest, recorded and released two full length albums on their own, creates all the flyers for all the…

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