Product Endorsements and the business of Orange Amplifiers – Alex Auxier

This weeks episode of Always Triumph features Alex Auxier who is Global Artist Relations for Orange Amplifiers.

He supports over 800 Orange sponsored Artists world wide making sure they have what they need to play their best.

I first met Alex when we were both judges for a final round of Battle of the Bands here in Atlanta years ago. The winners ended up being Radio Birds, who at the time unknowingly, were being managed by a previous guest Dustin Boyer.

Alex was kind enough to let me pop into the US Orange headquarters and blast some bass notes on a crazy 200 watt bass head…I took my melted face home in a zip lock.

This interview has a ton of great information for anyone that is interested in being endorsed or sponsored by any brand, as well as some awesome marketing tips and tricks.

If you have ever wanted to be endorsed by your favorite brand of amps, drums, or even clothing, you probably think one of two things

  1. if you get endorsed you will have an easier time ‘making it’
  2. if you make it and get endorsed, you’ll get everything for free

I will not give you the answer now, you’ll have to listen to find which of those may be true.

Interview highlights

  • What does endorsement actually mean?
  • What does Orange look for in an artist.
  • Tips for successfully leveraging Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and email.
  • How Orange is not just building amps, but a lifestyle.

If you want to learn even more, Alex has published an article on the Orange Amps Blog called The (indefinite) Guide to Orange Endorsements.

Thanks for watching!