Wake – Strangers in a Strange Land

This album was released recently and I really got locked into it.

I’ve seen each of the dudes that make up this group around at shows and doing their thing on stage here and there.

This team has been putting out great music in a ton of different projects for a long time which had me really excited about this album.

You may recognize a couple of the names, HaspPrecise and Keith William, from an album that happened to be last weeks Ear Worms – Everything In Nothing – Dzopa Stone. HaspPrecise did all of the beat work for that album, Keith was a guest on one of the songs.

Strangers in a Strange Land is lyrically written around the same concepts as the book with a similar name(which happens to be one of my favorite books and writers), so I immediately got attached.

Mixed and mastered by the elusive engineer Nolan Kramer who was in the group Cloudeater years ago and is currently producing and working with a bunch of ATL up and comers. Anything he’s waving his magic wand over is sounding really nice.