Lianne La Havasa – Live @ NPR

Sometime last week I saw a friend of mine post this video with a message along the lines of “I can’t believe no one told me about her before”.

I enjoy many of the NPR Tiny Desk sessions so I checked it out.

14 minutes later I got my life back.

I seriously could not stop watching this. Lianna La Havas has two albums out, two of these songs are from her most recent effort, the last one from her first album.

Because of this NPR episode I went ahead and checked out her studio work and it’s just as incredible as this broken down version.

She has so much control over her voice, it’s unreal. Her lyrics are smart and heart felt, and her band for this session is perfect. Piano, Backup Vocals, and Lianne breaks out the guitar for two songs. They all work together perfectly.

I highly recommend that you check out her albums, both are on all the streaming sites and easy to access so go do that right now.