Everything In Nothing – Dzopa Stone

Just recently I started recording on some new music with Terrance Smalls(aka Ratchet Kills) and it reminded me that I had yet to share an entire album I worked on with him and and producer Matthew Borland(aka HaspPrecise).

The project was called Dzopa Stone, album titled Everything in Nothing.

I’m pretty picky about who I work with in the recording studio, but I had known Terrance for several years…as an MC, a good one.

They shot me the music and I was interested. My job was to record the vocals and mix everything.

When they showed up, we got the mic set up and I hit record and I was immediately taken back. Terrance wasn’t rapping, he was singing. Not only that, he was laying down harmonies and just going for it. Goes to show you never know about people…

Throughout the life of this project I remained excited to be working on the project, and got to know the two of them really well.

HaspPrecise put most of this album together musically while he was tucked away in Alabama isolated from much of the regular music scene, and you can feel it. The songs are deep on their own and with Terrance thoughtful lyrics and range of vocal talents, they really shine.

They were both super professional to work with, no gimmicks, just true artists trying to get it done.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did working on it and I look forward to recording with them in the future.